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Our Spring Menu has Arrived


Embark on a gastronomic adventure as we unveil our exquisite new spring menu at The Buttery. Each dish has been carefully crafted to showcase the vibrant flavours of the season, promising a dining experience that is nothing short of extraordinary. Join us as we take you through our tantalising selection of starters, mains, and desserts, each one a culinary masterpiece in its own right.

Let’s get right into our delectable spring menu…


Soup of the Day

Indulge in the comforting embrace of a warming bowl of soup, changing daily. Whether it’s a hearty vegetable broth or a creamy potato and leek soup, each bowl is bursting with flavour and served with our complimentary bread, of course.

Cullen Skink

Treat your taste buds to a taste of Scotland with our Cullen Skink, a traditional dish that’s sure to warm the soul. Made with smoked haddock, leeks, potatoes, and cream, this rich and creamy soup is a true delight for seafood lovers.

Salmon Gravlax

Experience the epitome of luxury, featuring whisky-cured salmon gravlax served with a pea fricassee, herb puree, and zesty lemon crème fraiche. Each bite is a harmonious blend of flavours and textures, perfect for starting your meal on a high note.

Scallops & Samphire

Indulge in a taste of the sea with our pan-fried scallops, served with a luxurious lobster sauce and accompanied by a warm salad of samphire, crab, and caper. This dish is a true celebration of freshness and flavour, guaranteed to put a smile on that face of yours.

Braised Pork Cheek

Savour the melt-in-your-mouth goodness of our braised pork cheek, glazed to perfection and served with a celeriac puree, celeriac crisps, and a rich pork and cider jus – each bite tender and exploding with flavour.

Beets Salad

For a lighter option, try our beets salad, featuring salt-baked beetroot paired with creamy crowdie cheese, sun-blushed tomatoes, candied pecans, and a zesty chilli and mint dressing. This refreshing dish is the perfect way to awaken your palate and prepare for the delights to come.


Highland Venison

Elevate your dining experience with our saddle of wild Highland venison, served with a mini venison meatball, roast root vegetable gratin, braised red cabbage, parsnip puree, and a gin-flavoured raspberry jus. Each bite is a celebration of Scotland’s natural bounty, a true feast for the senses.

Scotch Beef

Sink your teeth into the succulent goodness of our 6oz Fillet of Scottish Beef, accompanied by an ox cheek croquette, enoki mushrooms, white onion cream, and a rich roast onion jus. This dish is a testament to the quality and craftsmanship of Scotland’s finest beef, an absolute showstopper.

West Coast Halibut

Delight in the delicate flavours of our pan-fried halibut, served with garlic crushed potatoes, wilted spinach, and a decadent champagne beurre blanc. Each bite is a journey of indulgence, a perfect balance of richness and freshness that you won’t forget any time soon.

fillet of sea bream

Monkfish & Prawns

Transport your taste buds to the shores of India with our tandoori spiced monkfish tail, served with sautéed king prawns, sticky coconut rice, smashed cucumbers, butter masala sauce, and a cooling mint yoghurt. This dish is a celebration of exotic spices and bold flavours, guaranteed to take your senses on a culinary adventure.

Chicken & Haggis

Experience the best of both worlds with our chicken stuffed with Macsween Haggis, accompanied by a haggis bon-bon, fondant potato, Arran mustard cream, and a rich red wine jus. A fusion of classic Scottish flavours, a true homage to the country’s culinary heritage.


Crème Brulée

Indulge in the classic elegance of our crème brulée, served with an almond and lemon ricciarelli biscuit and Amarena cherry Chantilly cream. A Buttery classic for a reason.

Coffee Meringue

Satisfy your sweet tooth with our coffee meringue, served with brandy ice-cream, chocolate sauce, and sugared walnuts. A perfect blend of textures and flavours, guaranteed to leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

Dark Chocolate Tart

Treat yourself to the indulgent goodness of our baked dark chocolate tart, served with a strawberry and gin compote and clotted cream ice-cream. A celebration of rich chocolatey goodness, a true delight for those with a sweet tooth.

Mille Feuille

Experience the taste of the tropics with our tropical fruit mille feuille, featuring a passionfruit mousse and lime and coconut sauce. This dessert is a refreshing and light option, perfect for rounding off your meal on a sweet note, a welcome addition to our spring menu.

Plum & Pear

A filo basket of roasted plums and pears, served with a cinnamon oat crumble and chilli caramel syrup. This dessert is a perfect balance of sweetness and spice, a true celebration of seasonal flavours.

The Buttery’s Grand Dessert

Can’t decide on just one dessert? Treat yourself to The Buttery’s Grand Dessert, a selection of all our delectable desserts perfect for sharing. From creamy custards to rich chocolate tarts, this indulgent platter has something for everyone.

Trio of Ice-creams

Cool off with our trio of home-made ice-creams, served in a brandy basket and accompanied by a selection of today’s flavours. Whether you prefer classic vanilla or adventurous flavours like salted caramel, each scoop is a taste sensation that’s sure to please.

Selection of I.J Mellis Cheeses

For cheese lovers, indulge in our Selection of I.J Mellis cheeses, served with Arran oatcakes and homemade chutney. From tangy blues to creamy bries, this cheeseboard is a perfect way to end your meal on a savoury note.

Coffee & Petits Fours

Finish dining experience with a freshly brewed coffee and a selection of petits fours, perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth and bidding farewell to your meal in style.

Has the sound of these delights from our spring menu got your mouth watering? Head to our bookings page and make a reservation today.

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